Between the Wise Man and the Foolish

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

The wise person will pay attention to what is more urgent and more needed. He wouldn’t waste too much time on anything less important. While the foolish person, will do the opposite.

A hadith from Shaddad bin Aus (may Allah blesses him), that the Prophet (ﷺ) says,

الكيس من دان نفسه، وعمل لما بعد الموت ، والعاجز من أتبع نفسه هواها، وتمنى على الله‏

“A wise man is the one who calls himself to account (and refrains from doing evil deeds) and does noble deeds to benefit him after death. And, the foolish person is the one who subdues himself to his temptations and desires. And seeks from Allah the fulfillment of his vain desires” [At-Tirmidhi, who says that it is hadith hasan].

The workd “al kays (الكيس)” means a wise, rational, firm person who manages things well. And, he looks at the consequences, and takes care of the required precaution.

In the other hand, foolish person is short-sighted. Who follows his whims and does not look beyond his nose. Whenever he has a desire, he follows it. Everytime the desire calls him, he will commit to fulfil it. This is the opposite of al kays.

The rational person knows that this world is temporary and will ends. And that the Hereafter is a eternal bliss that does not pass away and does not end. So there is no good reason for a person to struggle everything just for temporary term, and not preparing for the eternal term. This is insanity!


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