The Modesty of Dressing

modesty in dressing

Be simple in dressing. It brings more good for you and make Allah be pleased of you. The one who keep simple in dressing, Allah will reward him fancy dresses and clothes in akhirah (hereafter).

The Prophet ﷺ said:

مَنْ تَرَكَ اللِّبَاسَ تَوَاضُعًا لِلَّهِ وَهُوَ يَقْدِرُ عَلَيْهِ دَعَاهُ اللَّهُ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ عَلَى رُءُوسِ الْخَلَائِقِ حَتَّى يُخَيِّرَهُ مِنْ أَيِّ حُلَلِ الْإِيمَانِ شَاءَ يَلْبَسُهَا

❝Whoever refrains from dressing [in fancy, expensive clothes] out of humility towards Allah, even though he is able to do so, Allah will call him on the Day of Resurrection at the head of His creation and will give him the choice of whatever garment of faith he wishes to wear.❞ [At-Tirmidhi, no. 2481; as-Silsilah as-Saheehah, 718].


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