The Meaning Of “The Damage In Land And Sea” in Surah Rum Verse 41

Said in Quran that fasad (damage) shown in land and sea because of the doings of mankind. The what is the meaning of fasad?

Allah Ta’ala said:

ظَهَرَ الْفَسَادُ فِي الْبَرِّ وَالْبَحْرِ بِمَا كَسَبَتْ أَيْدِي النَّاسِ لِيُذِيقَهُمْ بَعْضَ الَّذِي عَمِلُوا لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْجِعُونَ

Damage has appeared in land and sea because of the doings of the people’s hands, that He may make them taste something of what they have done, so that they may come back” (QS. Ar Rum: 41).

The interpretations of ayat

The scholars differed in interpreting the meaning of “al fasad (damage) on land and at sea”:

Fasad means shirk

قال قتادة والسدي : الفساد الشرك , وهو أعظم الفساد

Qotadah and As Suddi say: al fasad is shirk, and it is the greatest damage”.

Fasad means murder

وقال ابن عباس وعكرمة ومجاهد : فساد البر قتل ابن آدم أخاه ; قابيل قتل هابيل . وفي البحر بالملك الذي كان يأخذ كل سفينة غصبا

Ibnu Abbas, Ikrimah and Mujahid said: “Al fasad on land is the murder of fellow brothers (believers), including Qobil killing Habil. And the facades in the sea are among the kings who seized the boat arbitrarily”.

Fasad means crisis in land

وقيل : الفساد القحط وقلة النبات وذهاب البركة . ونحوه قال ابن عباس قال : هو نقصان البركة بأعمال العباد كي يتوبوا قال النحاس : وهو أحسن ما قيل في الآية

Other scholars say: “Al fasad is drought and lack of vegetation and loss of blessing”. Similar meaning is also mentioned by Ibn Abbas: “Al fasad is the reduction of blessings from the deeds of the servants, so that they repent”. An Nuhas said: “This is the best opinion about the meaning of this verse”.

Fasad means crisis in sea

وعنه أيضا : أن الفساد في البحر انقطاع صيده بذنوب بني آدم. وقال عطية : فإذا قل المطر قل الغوص عنده , وأخفق الصيادون , وعميت دواب البحر. وقال ابن عباس : إذا مطرت السماء تفتحت الأصداف في البحر , فما وقع فيها من السماء فهو لؤلؤ

Ibn Abbas also said: “al fasad in the sea is the reduction of marine products because of human sins”. Athiyyah said: “If the rainfall is low, it is rare for people to dive into the sea, so that the fishermen also lose and the marine mammals are spread out a lot (so they eat small fish, pent).” Ibn Abbas said: “If the rain falls from the sky, then the shells are opened in the sea, and what is found in it which descends from the sky is the jewel”.

Fasad means monetary crisis

وقيل : الفساد كساد الأسعار وقلة المعاش

Other scholars say: “Al fasad is a monetary crisis and the difficulty of making a living”

Fasad means immorality

وقيل : الفساد المعاصي وقطع السبيل والظلم ; أي صار هذا العمل مانعا من الزرع والعمارات والتجارات

Other scholars say: “Al fasad is immorality, robbery and tyranny. So that these things become obstacles to agriculture, development and business”.

والمعنى كله متقارب

All the meanings of al fasad above are almost the same meaning.


Source: Tafseer Al Qurthubi

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