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When You Don’t Have Knowledge of Islam

knowledge of islam

When someone doesn’t have knowledge, anybody can fools him and directs him to something wrong and he doesn’t consider it. Also, if someone doesn’t have knowledge of Islam, anybody can fools him and guide him to the wrong path and wrong perception. A wise word says: “When you do not have knowledge, someone will bring […]

The Month Of Ramadan Is Full Of Virtues

Soon Ramadhan will arrive. A noble guest who has many virtues. Hopefully knowing that these virtues become a whip for us to be able to reap the goodness of Ramadan as much as possible and not neglect. A blessed month Ramadan is a blessing month. The Prophet -Sallallahu’alaihi Wasallam- said: أتاكم شهرُ رمضانَ ، شهرٌ […]