Should We Save Non-Muslims From Death?


If a Muslim travels, then in the middle of the road he finds a non-Muslim man in critical condition because he is very hungry or very thirsty. Can he help him? And is the act rewarding?

Al Lajnah Ad Daimah lil Buhuth wal Ifta answers:

Yes, of course you can save him from death, and moreover, this is recommended. And the practice is rewarded by Allah Ta’ala. Based on the generality of the hadith which is written in Sahih Bukhari chapter Musaqah (2234), Sahih Muslim chapter As Salam (2244), Sunan Abu Daud chapter Al Jihad (2550), Musnad Ahmad (2/375), Muwatha ‘Malik (1729), Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi Wasallam said:

في كل كبد رطبة أجرا

In every good deed towards everything that have a soul, there is a reward

Because good practice such as this sometimes has a good effect. Sometimes it can be a reason for non-Muslims if they know that Islam teaches good to everyone.

Wabillahi at taufiq washallallahu’ala Nabiyyina Muhammad wa alihi wa shahbihi wasallam.


Al Lajnah Ad Daimah lil Buhuts wal Ifta

Who signed this fatwa:

  • Noble Syaikh Ibrahim bin Muhammad Alu Asy Syaikh
  • Noble Syaikh Abdurrazzaq Afifi
  • Noble Syaikh Abdullah bin Mani’

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