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The development of Islamic calling through the internet is very rapid. Islamic calling is widely accepted by people in internet from around the world through social media, websites, and other internet channels. Of course, Internet itself is big wide world, unlimited by space and time. So, everyone around the world who has internet access can enjoy the da’wah presented in it.

This is what makes Top Islamic Network (TIN) always eager to provide Islamic content through the internet, especially social media.

TIN YouTube channel:
Subscribers: 12,000+
Total views: 1,800,000 views

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Fans: 980,000+ fans

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Followers: 600,000+ followers

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Followers: 5,000+ followers

So, to all brothers and all the viewers, this is a big change to take a part in spreading peace and goodness of Islam.

Allah said in Al Qur’an:

And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is severe in penalty” (Al-Mai’dah:2)

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said:

‘Save yourself from hellfire by giving even half a date-fruit (even very little) in charity.’[Reference: Sahih Al-Bukhari]

Even a small donation will do, in sha Allah…
The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said:

‘The best-loved deeds to Allah are the ones that are continuous even if they are not very many.’[Reference: Sahih Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim]

Share the Reward with Us, we currently reach over a million people every month!! (with our videos) but with your help and support, we can grow further and take the digital dawah to another level!

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Support Top Islamic Network (TIN) providing Islamic content through the internet, especially social media.

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