How the Prophet Response Against Shirk?

response shirk

The Prophet Sallallahu’alaihi Wasallam hates shirk very much, even sometimes he shows this manner firmly. Consider the following hadith:

عن عقبة بن عامر الجهني أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أقبل إليه رهط فبايع تسعة وأمسك عن واحد فقالوا : يا رسول الله بايعتَ تسعة وتركت هذا ، قال : إن عليه تميمة ، فأدخل يده فقطعها فبايعه وقال : من علق تميمة فقد أشرك

From Uqbah bin Amir Al Juhani, that the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu’alaihi Wasallam was visited by a number of people. So Rasulullah Sallallahu’alaihi Wasallam was doing bai’ah to 9 people, then he did not do it to one person. So the companions asked: “O Messenger of Allah, you do the bai’ah to 9 people, but leave this one person?”.

The Prophet said: “he wears a talisman“. Then he put his hand to cut off the charm, then do the bai’ah. Then the Prophet said: “whoever wears a talisman, he does shirk” (Narrated by Ahmad: 16969, Al Albani says this hadith is sahih in Silsilah As Sahihah: 492).

Points we can summarize from this hadith:

  1. When he found an act of shirk, the Prophet Sallallahu’alaihi Wasallam really calls it shirk. Though he is the most gentle person, the best morality and the most wisdom of his da’wah.

  2. So, when we found the act of shirk, don’t hesitate to say that as shirk. Of course, in a good way and full of wisdom.

  3. Calling an act as shirk, does not mean to judge the person who does it as kafir (infidel).

  4. The user of the talisman in this hadith does not refute the Prophet: “O Prophet, please don’t judge me” or “O Prophet, in my opinion this is not shirk“. Because this is improper manner.

  5. The sahabah also no one among them said, “O Prophet, do not judge him …“, “O Prophet do you judge him as infidel?“, etc. As some people say today when there are those who explain deeds of shirk.

  6. The Prophet Sallallahu’alaihi Wasallam really hates shirk. He is not supportive at all. Not even giving a chance at any kind to shirk at all. So those who support shirk and give the chance for the act of shirk, who do you follow?

Wallahu a’lam.

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